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Most people would agree that the most eye-catching feature of the face is the eyes, but that this is closely followed by the mouth. A smile with healthy, white teeth not only helps to boost self-confidence, but it also demonstrates to other people that you take care of yourself and your hygiene. While it may be wrong to judge a book by its cover, first impressions can make a huge difference.

Beauty Mailbox stock Swiss Smile, a completely unique brand with expertise in luxurious oral care. Their range of dental hygiene products, from whitening products and plaque-ridding toothbrushes to moisturising lip balms, can effectively help you achieve the healthiest and brightest smile possible.

The latest trend in the world of dental hygiene is to use charcoal toothpaste in order to whiten and thoroughly clean your teeth. The Swiss Smile Charcoal Black Whitening Toothpaste successfully removes discolouration without causing damage or bleaching to the teeth. Don’t be put off by the dramatic colour of this striking toothpaste, because its lemon flavour ensures that your breath will stay fresher for much longer.

The Swiss Smile Diamond Glow Jewel Trilogy Toothbrush and Brightening Diamond Toothpaste is the most lavish in all of the Swiss Smile range. This exclusive kit contains two, Swarovski crystal-encrusted toothbrush holders, two luxurious toothbrushes and whitening toothpaste, which combines effective, oral treatment with an aesthetically pleasing design that would make a great addition to your bathroom. The brightening toothpaste contains fine diamond particles that allow for teeth surfaces to be smoothened and whitened.

The Swiss Smile Snow White Toothpaste and Toothbrush Kit is an advanced formula to help remove long lasting stains and the fine bristles of the brush can get into even the most compact spaces in your mouth in order to remove plaque.

A sparkling, white smile can instantly boost self-esteem and confidence, meaning that it will be impossible to stop showing off your healthy, pearly whites. Swiss Smile’s advanced formula and toothbrush kits can effectively solve all of your oral hygiene insecurities simply with daily use.

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