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The smart skincare brand using revolutionary stem cell technology that encourages skin to regain it's youthfulness & enhances post-procedure skin recovery.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest skincare technology to take your skin to the next level of smoothness and suppleness then starting with a range already regularly utilised by the masterful hands of aestheticians and skin physicians is a good place to start. CALECIM® Professional is the world’s only line of skincare products powered by the age-fighting expertise of stem cells.

CALECIM® Professional hails from the bio-tech innovators CellResearch Corporation. This Singapore-based company spent 10 years in research and development into stem cells (specifically, those ethically derived from the red deer’s umbilical cord), and were the first in the world to discover this particularly potent source.

Their discovery was a unique combination of proteins, growth factors and cytokines that proved effective in activating skin repair and regeneration. Stem cells found in umbilical cord lining cells have been employed in medical science for years. CALECIM® Professional was born from a desire to offer those well-reported benefits to treat the effects of skin ageing.

Such is the high level of efficacy and ability to promote skin healing, it’s a brand that is also used by skin professionals around the world to treat skin following in-clinic procedures like laser, IPL, dermabrasion, micro needling and chemical peels.

The ground-breaking range consists of a perfectly curated collection of five products that you can use at home, to treat the standard effects of ageing, or to maintain or improve the effect of a pro-level skin treatment.