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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Decleor Aromatherapy Skincare. The brand was created in 1974. From the very start, Decléor sourced the purest and most effective premium quality essential oils and, over the years, has combined this with cutting edge techniques, extraction methods and in depth knowledge of skincare, to create the Decléor brand we know today.

This brand sits on a rich heritage focused on the power of using facial and body treatments to maximise skincare. This has shaped their ethos and products up until today and will continue to be an irreplaceable and unique piece of Decléor.

Decléór has been trusted by beauty professionals for over 45 years. As leaders in Aromatherapy Skincare, they are renowned for their expertise in the science of Essential and Botanical Oils to transform your skin for visible results.

Decleor have remained true to their Parisian heritage, bringing it to life with their treatments and natural skincare products. Decleor bring a holistic and complete approach to beauty where everything is connected and interwoven, for lasting efficacy.

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