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LED Face Mask




LED Face Mask

LED Face Mask High-tech optical whitening beauty instrument uses the principal of photodynamic therapy. Contains face and neck mask.

Guide to 7 Colours:

Red Light РImproves the cell activity to and promote collagen formation resulting in tighter skin and increases elasticity. It also helps with skin whitening and wrinkles and also  improves skin condition, shrinks pores, firms skin and repairs damaged skin.

Blue Light – Has an anti bacterial effect without causing harm to skin conditions. Over time it helps to significantly reduce acne and repairs the skin with no scaring and inflammation.

Green Light РNeutralises  and balances the skins stability. It reduces the skins oil secretion, effectively relieves mental stress,

Yellow Light – Reduces pigmentation, promotes Lymphatic Drainage. improves rough skin, treat fine lines and wrinkles, reduces skin redness and enhances the skins immunity.

Purple Light – A combination of red and blue light creates purple light, which helps eliminate toxins. It also reduces inflammation and improves healing and circulation of blood. As a result, purple light is highly recommended after aggressive and invasive treatments (such as Botox, fillers or lasers), since it considerably reduces inflammation and marks. It also helps wound healing; reduces visible acne and acne marks.

Cyanine Light – This light activates energy in the cells, facilitating the normal function of the metabolism. Energy flows through the skin and the rest of the body. As a result, it has a relaxing, energising and soothing effect on the skin.

White Light – This light penetrates deep into the skin, accelerating metabolism and improving the appearance of saggy skin and fine lines.

It is recommended to use the LED Mask at night, after cleaning the skin with water and before applying any products.

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