Heliocare Color Hydragel Sun Touch SPF 50 – 50ml


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Heliocare Color Hydragel Sun Touch SPF 50 – 50ml

Heliocare Color Hydragel Sun Touch SPF 50.   Gives advanced anti ageing UV protection. The range consists of ultra smooth, easy to apply sunscreens with high tech mineral & non mineral filters with photobiological protectants.   Features Fernblock, a natural fern extract unique to this brand.

Fernblock™ is derived from a natural fern.   Adapted and evolved to protect itself from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB.   Proven in large studies around the world to offer skin specific anti oxidant activity and advanced UV protection.   This goes way beyond normal sunscreens by giving four levels of protection:

Shown to activate the skin’s immune defence before, during and after sun exposure.

Inhibits DNA damage in skin cells which can lead to cancer.

Helps to prevent structure change in the skin and slows the ageing process.

Reduced sun induced allergic skin reactions.


Gives a high level broad spectrum UV skin protection with a great to use skin feel. Adds a touch of extra moisture and shimmer to the skin.  Gives it an all year round alluring sun touched look without the risk of damage.

UVA UVB filters: Ultra advanced mineral filters and non mineral filters combined to provide high level UVA and UVB protection with an elegant skin feel and look.



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Heliocare Sun Protection XF Gel SPF 50 – 50ml


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