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Flavo-C & Flavo-C Forte Anti Ageing Serum DUO 2 x 15ml




Flavo-C Anti Ageing Serum 15ml

Flavo-C & Flavo-C Forte Anti ageing Serum.

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All Auriga’s technology is used to design a unique serum: Flavo-C® serum. Thanks to its 8% active vitamin C, it combats skin ageing by stimulating the formation of collagen fibres. The Vitamin c contained in Flavo-C® serum is the only form of vitamin C that can deeply penetrate the skin.  It maintains its activity for 10 hours. Flavo-C® serum also contains 30% ginkgo biloba, an antioxidant that slows down skin ageing.

Flavo-C Forte Anti Ageing Serum 15ml

Flavo C Forte is an essential anti ageing serum for all skin types. This has a unique high strength potent formulation of Vitamin C –  15%.  With a skin boosting combination of natural plant derived anti-oxidants. The skin boosting natural G,V&G complex  has Ginkgo biloba, Grape Seed  and Green Tea extract. Flavo C Forte combines the power of nature with the proven benefits of high strength Vitamin c. It is great for more mature and photo damaged skin. Its use as an essential anti ageing treatment will help improve skin tone and texture with the reduction of fine lines after as little as 2 months of  use.

Contains 15% Vitamin C for optimal repairing.   Because of its unique penetration system, it acts quickly and lastingly on restoring the relief of the skin. It is a great treatment for the areas of the face where the damage caused by time can seem irreparable (frown lines, crow’s feet, lip contours, etc.).

It can be used as a direct treatment in complement to Flavo-C® serum in order to boost its action.


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