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Endocare Concentrate 7 x 1ml




Endocare Concentrate 7 x 1ml


Endocare Concentrate 7 x 1ml ampoules (now called Endocare Concentrate)  gives a smooth serum in unit dose ampoules.   For intensive skin treatment.   Quickly absorbed it regenerates the skin.   Boosts suppleness and smoothness Gives an improved lustre after use.


  • Ultra intense natural growth factor skin regeneration.
  • Copies the skin’s natural moisturising factors to provide intensive and sustained moisture.
  • Gives added antioxidant activity to aid skin defence and repair.

How to Use:

Open using protective sleeve and dispense into palm of hand. Apply evenly with fingertips across the face and décolleté. Apply once a day preferably at night for 7 days. Repeat the 7 day treatment monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months as directed by your aesthetic professional.

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