Balance Moisturiser with Glycolic Acid Activator 50ml (Formerly Medik8 beta Moisturise)


  • Oil free
  • Paraben free
  • Leaves a matte powder dry finish
  • Maintains optimum moisture balance
  • Cellular renewal for a brighter tone
  • Broad spectrum sun protection



Balance Moisturiser with Glycolic Acid Activator

Balance Moisturiser with Glycolic Acid Activator (Formerly Medik8 beta Moisturise) is now available at Beautymailbox Online Shop.

Medik8 Balance Moisturiser with Glycolic Acid Activator combines prebiotic and probiotic technology to balance out skin’s natural levels of bacteria which helps reduce the bacteria which causes acne.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients including Ethyl Linoleate help to calm any redness caused by acne and manage the production of oil at the same time, helping to prevent excess oil production.

This moisturiser not only keeps your skin hydrated but it mattifies the skin too helping oily skin look shine-free.

Perfect for anyone with acne-prone skin as it locks in moisture, fights acne and reduces inflammation and does not clog pores.


  • Its non-greasy formula makes a great base for your make-up.
  • Mattifies the skin.
  • Locks in moisture.
  • Reduces the bacteria that causes Acne.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.


Use twice daily after cleansing and after the application of an antioxidant serum.
You should always wear an SPF during the day.

Ingredients for Medik8 Balance Moisturiser with Glycolic Acid Activator:

Prebiotics/Probiotics help balance skins bacteria levels and decrease acne causing bacteria.
Beta-Glucan key ingredient responsible for skin maintenance by assisting in natural cell repair and restoration
Niacinamide regulates the skin to keep it functioning at its best. Demonstrates moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and irritation. Especially important for people with problem skin.
Cinnamon Extract regulates sebum production and prevents bacteria proliferation helping to reduce blemish lesions.
Lauric Acid has a strong antibacterial action

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