ZO Skin Health Range

The ZO Skincare range was developed by Dr Zein Obagi to combat wrinkles, pigmentation, and age spots associated with ageing. With over 35 years experience in skincare, you can trust this renowned dermatologist to deliver exceptional products, with uncompromising results.

ZO Offects Correct and Conceal Acne Treatment comes in two shades, Light and Medium, and is an effective spot treatment that conceals blemishes whilst attacking acne causing bacteria. Unlike most off-the-shelf products this will not strip the skin, thanks to nourishing manuka honey and jojoba esters. Begin with once daily application, building up to 2 or 3 times a day.

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ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish will reveal your skins true beauty by creating a smoother, clearer, glowing complexion. Pores are unclogged effectively by the Magnesium crystals, whilst Vitamins A, C, and E protect against free radical damage. After cleansing, massage a small amount to the neck and face; twice weekly use or more will achieve maximum benefit.

ZO Offects Sulfur Masque is your best friend in treating and preventing acne and spot eruptions; as well as facial use, this masque can be used on the back too. A combination of two natural clays helps absorb excess oil, and the inclusion of hydrating ingredients helps combat dryness. After cleansing, apply the masque twice a week and leave on for 10-15 minutes.

ZO Offects Exfoliating Cleanser for normal to oily skin targets excess oils in oily skin without leaving it feeling taut and uncomfortable. Jojoba beads, Alpha-, and Beta- Hydroxy Acids work together to exfoliate and cleanse without stripping and drying the skin. Whilst using this product (and for one week afterwards), the use of a sunscreen is necessary as well as limiting sun exposure.

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