TeoxaneTeoxane Advanced Filler Anti-Wrinkle Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid to help combat wrinkles on the facial skin. In combination with other ingredients it significantly reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles, and protects against free radical damage. After cleansing, apply the product morning and evening for best results.

Teoxane Deep Repair Balm is perfect for skin in need of a little more TLC; it reduces inflammation and irritation whilst deeply hydrating thirsty skin. As well as Teoxanes Resilient Hyaluronic Acid technology, Arnica is within the formula, making it ideal for post-procedure use. Massage into needy areas as required.

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Teoxane R (II) Advance Eye Contour for Sensitive Skin is your eye’s new best friend. By stimulating the micro-circulation in the eye area, puffiness and dark circles are effectively reduced; a more youthful, fresh look is quickly achieved in only a few weeks of use. Apply morning and evening.

Teoxane RHA Serum Anti-Ageing Regenerative Skin Concentrate is especially suited to those with tired, fatigued skin. In just 14 days fresh, plump skin is revealed; fine lines and wrinkles become a distant memory. Superior anti-oxidant protection minimises further free radical damage to the skin. After cleansing, apply to the face and neck area morning and evening.

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