zo skin health

Zo Skin Health is a revolutionary system using the power of science to achieve healthy skin. Dr Zein Obagi, dermatologist uses medical grade skincare that flies in the face of traditional skincare regimes. To achieve results, he uses a three pronged approach. Those are skincare, technology and education.

The brand ethos is correction, prevention and protection. To correct damage that has occurred such as sun damage; to prevent new damage and to protect the skin against future damage.

Dr Zein Obagi is the founder of Zo Skin Health. He has pioneered skincare solutions to help promote the health of the skin rather than just treating the damage that has occurred.

The range uses the most potent contents, high concentrations, pure retinol, advanced peptides, and powerful anti-oxidants. ZO Skin Health skin care products are based on a 5 step process; Cleanse, Activate (to increase the penetration of active ingredients); Stimulate (to awaken and rejuvenate dormant cells); Calm and Nourish; and Protect (sunscreen). 

Offering cutting edge products + therapeutic treatments to bring the best results oriented solutions straight to you.

To ensure that customers are not purchasing counterfeit or unsatisfactory fakes, Zo Skin Health only sell their products via authorised stockists.

Before customers can purchase many of the products a skin consultation is required with the authorised stockist to ensure that the right products are used for that individual skin care concern.

Zo Skin Health is not a trend. It is a serious skincare system that delivers results. Whilst Zo Skin Health range is a financial commitment, the results speak for themselves.


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